celebration 70 years Morgan +4

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celebration 70 years Morgan +4

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Dear All,

Next year, 2020, is it 70 years ago that the first Morgan +4 was on wheels. The Morgan Historic Register (MHR) has the intention to celebrate this special moment.
We do this during The Bentley Drivers Day at Silverstone. Date: Saturday the 8th of August. We try to organize a fantastic line up with all the +4 models ever produced. Who brings the oldest +4 to Silverstone?
Of course many thanks to Techniques because they are, as always, supporting this event.
Tickets are easy to obtain: go to Silverstone Circuit and you can buy them at the gate. The spokesman of The Bentley Drivers Club didn't know precise the costs, but, he told me that it must be between £12,- and £15,- per person. If you don't have a +4, no problem, you are more than welcome with every other type of Morgan to enjoy this day at a special location, with special Morgan races (!!!)
If you come with a Morgan +4 built from 1950 till the end of 1968, please, let me know. So, that we can organize the line up the best possible way. My Email address is: machielkalf@ziggo.nl

We count on you,

Machiel Kalf.
PS. Please, keep an eye on the MHR - News in Miscellany!

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