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Re: How do I go faster

Postby Bob Bull » Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:14 am

Dear Compo,
I note that you are still pursuing this insatiable lust for fame and fortune in the Aero Challenge Championship, and must comment that this naked desire for glory ill becomes a man of your advanced years. In the interest of your immortal soul I beseech you to abandon this path, and stick to what you do best - Ferret racing. Along with Pigeon fancying, clog dancing and cobble hurling such activities are considerably better suited to your undoubted talents, and offer a more certain prospect of success.

Alternatively an eight foot pole mounted on the front of the 'Pretty Red Car' on which the transponder could be fitted, might overcome the problems of altitude on radio transmissions, giving a clear advantage over the less astute competitors whose signals would be missed due to the towering mountains of Spa. Thus, old friend, you may well be the one and only finisher, and winner.

I should point out that Poles are seldom eight foot tall which, may scupper my second idea.

Kind regards, ee oop!

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Re: How do I go faster

Postby Bob Bull » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:30 am

Peter; 3174 views, 105 replies, 8 'pages' of web space, yet no solution to your problem is forthcoming. Maybe it is time to seek answers elsewhere in the motor sport community.

Lewis, Seb, Max, etc. might be worth asking.

At least Lewis would be able to help with some good excuses.
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Re: How do I go faster

Postby TonyLees » Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:53 pm

peter rafter wrote:a+b=c

a+b never = c, at least, not in my book
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Re: How do I go faster

Postby gregparnell » Wed Jun 13, 2018 4:17 pm

Try fixing a large magnet to the floor behind the accelerator pedal and re sole your right racing shoe with Sheffield steel.
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Re: How do I go faster

Postby peter rafter » Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:32 pm

Firstly, Greg, That sounds like an attractive idea!
Secondly, Bob, thank you for your observations. However, I fear that the cosseted F! drivers of today are so far removed from the realities of real racing that they would struggle to be constructive on my dilemma As they only seem able to drive under endless instructions from a myriad backup team of engineers, technicians, and software specialists, and with overtaking a lost art, how do you think they could cope with a pretty red car with the driver noting cloud formations, or a blur of custard yellow pirouetting and spearing across turn 1, or construction debris at the side of the circuit, or the greasy spoon running out of chips, or the endless drone of generators throbbing deep into the early hours, or of borrowing ill fitting race wear, or unbending administrators. or grumpy nitpicking scruitineers, or pompous circuit officials, or visitors setting off the fire extinguishers, or exorbitant race fees and charges by the circuits, ….. is the list endless?all without scantily clad trophy girls, photo shoots or interviews . (unless of course an ageing paparazzi, and erstwhile reporter for the wireless could thrust a microphone at them.).
Thirdly , Bob you seem to have fallen into the trap of stereotyping Yorkshire (flat caps and your assumed arcane hobbies are long gone). Prior Alumni count, inter alia, Cardinal John Fisher, Percy cate eyes Shaw,The inventor of the mousetrap, Wilberforce, Bronte Dench, Frankie Howard, Joe Cocker, Boycott , Keegan, Trueman, Henry Moore but also Guy Fawkes, Jimmy Saville and Suttcliffe..
Fourthly Tony, perhaps that explains my computer and software glitches
has anyone seen my key to the lab?
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Re: How do I go faster

Postby Andrew Potter » Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:21 pm

Evening, Tyke.
The answer to your ambition lies in the saying, 'The older I get, the faster I was'. There is some truth in that, for in 2010 at Snetterton you finished 17th out of 31, a position not achieved since. However, it was not in your present car. The answer to your problem is to revert to using a 'Roadster Lightweight'. Red doesn't suit your colouring, obviously- revert to Morgan works colours of Blue and Silver.
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