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Phill Thomas
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Re: Coro

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"Thereafter, some considerable expense in a stress related ECG (Bruce protocol)"

At least you know you're fit enough to run to the pub, when it reopens.

peter rafter
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Re: Coro

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You might all like to brush up on ways to avoid the time worn process of sitting in the kitchen draped in a moth eaten tea towel or remnants of a table cloth with Mothers best cooking pot planted firmly however obliquely on one’s bonce while having one’s golden locks hacked away with blunt scissors or carpet shears. Yes it did happen in the not so distant past and not just for effect in Ealing Comedies. Why now I hear you ask? Well, with the closure of gentleman’s hairdressers for what could be many months yet, and without recourse to desperate measure the vast majority of the male gender could well be sporting all shades of mullets and birds nests (Wild men of Borneo springs to mind). In no time at at all Jack,Leigh, Tony, Greg, Phil, Brett amongst others could be parading in full view with pony tails, some perhaps even braided in the manner of certain high profile footballers It doesn’t bear thinking about, Mary. Those follicly challenged, those with manifestly ill fitting and strange coloured hair pieces, those who resort to carefully arranging whispy strands across a burgeoning dome, those who once favoured the Kojack style cannot escape . Apparently Hair grows at an average rate of up to an inch per month,
What to do in Times such as these?

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Mary Lindsay
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Re: Coro

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Find a trustworthy family member, issue them with a pair of scissors and hope. :wink:
Buy an Alice band. :shock:
Cover up the mirrors :oops:

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