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Re: Coro

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Maybe he has booked a flight with Ryanair : "Jab & Go"
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Re: Coro

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gregparnell wrote: Wed Jan 06, 2021 6:10 pm If we train all Amazon drivers to give the vaccine then everyone will be immunised by Sunday or Friday if you have Prime 😂
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Re: Coro

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Lewis can paint his car black, but mine is staying pretty red.

Sumerian cuneiform, Egyptian cartouches, symbols, inscriptions representing words, figures, people, activities recorded not for the ear but for the eye. Words can paint pictures as fine as any artist. Symbols such as music notes can create sublime sounds that reach the highest plain in all art. Ludwig van Beethoven was born 250 tears ago. He traded on the ‘van’, derived from his Belgian antecedents, to secure aristocratic patronage. To denote nobility it would have been “von”. In his later years he was afflicted with progressive deafness but he could always imagine in his mind what his compositions would sound like. We are blessed.

Hospital news. The journalist is awake. He has had bouts of hallucination and deliriousness. Luncheon is served. A pair of eyes swathed in masks asks if he is hungry, and if so, he is lucky to have lost his sense of taste. He says he is dying for a cigarette. The nurse replies he will get his wish to die if he smokes. His lungs are damaged by the virus and are only at 40% capacity.The liver hepatocytes have the greatest capacity to regenerate of any organ while at the same time providing full support for body homeostasis. It is not clear whether alveolar regeneration occurs after Coro infection-induced lung injury.

He surveys the ICU ward. It’s modern and arranged in a semi circular pod configuration. Ghostly figures, porters, shuffle patients and beds, exit left to the palliative care unit, exit right to the covid general ward.

The Boffin is briefing the Minister who is fully seized with reducing his carbon footprint by driving everywhere. The Minister is endeavouring to make sense of his briefing papers. He starts off with “ unless I’m very much mistaken the blah blah and so on …Yes minister you are very much mistaken. Viruses need a living cell to reproduce and replicate. It floods surrounding tissues attacking neighbouring cells and spreads throughout the body.

There are 3 vaccines available to UK residents but it is not ‘pick and mix’. Immunity, either through those who have had the virus or those that are vaccinated. However, some patients who recover exhibit prolonged symptoms including dyspnea, fatigue, cough, and dysosmia and hair loss for many months after symptom onset of the disease.

The Minister is unsure of delaying the second injection although that decision seems to have been already taken in the wider interests of someone.

Later, against the persistent hum of the shredder the Minister is ensconced in a “safe” house with his accountant. The accountant, knee deep in paper and ankle deep in wine corks, is wearing his earnest client face, (at this point if it were Yes Minister, that engrossing caricature of Whitehall by Lynn/Jay in the 1980’s, Bernard, Private Secretary to Hacker, would interject that you cannot be both up to your knees and ankles in …… ).

The accountant assures that IPSA is on his slop list i.e. ongoing. However, in all things bear in mind the Albert Speer defence, ‘I was responsible but I did not know, I should have known, I could have known, but I didn’t’. This is known as as culpability whilst denying any actual knowledge of the crime. Better to stay shtum and admit zilch.

However, the matter in hand is potentially more serious and damaging. Divorce. It is rumoured that the Minister’s spouse is contemplating filing for a divorce. The Minister who still has nightmares over that innocuous phrase “ no cause or impediment” is no stranger to Section 25 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 and the painful financial consequences. His first sally into the matrimonial state was a quiet affair, the vicar had laryngitis! The Minister already has a coterie of estranged wives. The accountant points out that they were able then to make substantial (i.e. more than necessary) financial cash and share settlements thus preserving his prime properties and assets, some of which may even have been disclosed to the courts.

His present spouse is threatening to “fillet him clean to the bone” to use the vernacular, although her expensive attorneys, she is American, will phrase it more appropriately in legal terms, and therein lies the problem. Why? Well they, the Minister and the accountant that is, may be on the horns of a dilemma in that this time they might have to make a fuller and indeed almost a proper disclosure (by way of exchanging Financial Statements Form E). She has hinted at knowledge of those, ahem, ‘private “ fees, other income, safe deposit boxes and worse still those quasi legal offshore funds. This is akin to a descending spiral of iniquity.
If he makes a proper disclosure then this could be compared by HMRC to his Tax records over several years and reveal certain material discrepancies. Double Ouch.

Alas, it is increasingly difficult to simply reconfigure the numbers. It is not falsifying, more disguising. Whereas previously you could fool some of the tax people all of the time and those are the ones they concentrated on (somewhat similar to electioneering), the times they are a changin. They could try creating offsetting debts but the Revenue are getting wise to the usual dodges. It is not always reassuring to have the opinion of an expert.

The Minister suggests selling a few old Masters paintings, that 1903 one-cylinder three-horsepower tiller-steered curved-dash Oldsmobile, the first folios, the odd nag, especially that one the trainer said would walk it, which it did, i.e. walk. The accountant thinks that might just cover the legal fees! The accountant suggests, albeit with a total lack of conviction ‘You could try and a reconciliation’ ? Failing that, Do you know anyone who might, er persuade her otherwise”? Or even “solve” the problem.

The Minister feigns outrage, an affront to his dignity, he is aghast at both suggestions. He is Privy Counsellor, a Member of Parliament and as such he should be /is a man of principle, (“let principle be your guide, regard not the particular sect or denomination of the candidate - look to his character.” ― Webster). It’s a bit late to find your principles Minister, besides which the only decent man with principles to get into The House of Commons was Yorkshire born, Guy Fawkes. We both know he is a thoroughly irredeemable corrupt unmitigated rogue. Twas ever thus.

Afterwards the Minister attends a reception at the Italian Consulate (Bollo Italiano) to celebrate Immacolate Concezione hosted by the Scicilian previously a guest of the Minister art the House. He has family interests, inter alia, in olives, wine and pistachios. More of this later.

World news. In India, the land of my birth, there is a Government agency responsible for the welfare of cows Narendra Moodi is asked whether there are plans for an agency for the welfare of the people?

Home news. Have you seen those free school lunch boxes. Ridiculous. Where are the crisps, fizzy drinks bottles, red bull cans, pringles, sherbert dabs, liquorice wheels, jelly beans. No self respecting school kid would touch the junk the Officials deemed suitable.

Correction. Toby is doubly incompetent, not incontinent.
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Re: Coro

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Beethoven's iconic 5th symphony symbolising fate knocking at the door. starts with GGGF, played short-short-short LONG. Da da da dum, allegro con brio, played by the lower strings and clarinets:. The famous refrain is then repeated a step lower.
Da da da dum, Not as Bertie Wooster thought tum de tum de tum de tum
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