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Bob Bull
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Drivers Dinner

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I was honoured to be a guest at the Drivers Dinner on Saturday, so thank you - all concerned - Many thanks to Leigh for transporting me to Malvern, and to Peter Cole for bringing me safely home ( thanks to Vanessa's route plotting when we missed a turn for the M1). I dined in excellent company with Phill and Jeanette, Mark and Ian, plus Chairman Philip. II will not reveal the name of the man who failed to recognise his wife in my Table Top Teaser I just hope Jill never finds out!
It was a shame that so few were able to attend, although it made for a small but convivial affair. Brett was on hand to pick up the Peter Collins Tray, and Jamie collected Stephens winnings, and with Simon OG taking home Class 2 spoils it was a good evening for BHM.

Finally many, many thanks to Andrew for looking after an OAP so well, most solicitous. (Mind you it did make me feel rather old)

Having made it to Malvern OK I see no reason not to get to a few races next year, and I have been told by the Consultant he can operate early in the New Year, so wish me well.

God bless,

Ace Photograp…… you know!
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Mary Lindsay
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Re: Drivers Dinner

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Great to hear that you attended the Morgan dinner \:D/ and well done to your chauffeurs Bob. =D>

I look forward to seeing photos of the presentation.
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