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Postby Bob Bull » Tue Aug 09, 2016 12:10 pm

I was approached at the Bentley Drivers Club meeting by an influential member of the Morgan hierarchy who expressed a desire to read my account of the Annual Curry Competition. Never one to disappoint a lady I append my efforts here;

The Great Anglesey Curry Eating Competition.
Details of the 2016 version of the Curry Competition have been somewhat sparse too say the least, and when endeavouring to write a meticulous, and accurate report the unfortunate scribe has to use considerable imagination, so any small inaccuracies must be excused, dear reader.
The venue for the event was a bleak and rocky hinterland far from what most people would consider civilisation, and was run in conjunction with some other dubious pastimes such as Morgan Racing, and various activities involving sheep, this spot being in the principality of Wales. To whit Anglesey.
Who was responsible for brewing the noxious curry dish is shrouded in mystery, as indeed are the names of the contestants, although one can speculate upon the identity of many of the likely contenders.
Even the rules of the competition are not published in the Blue Book, and one can only shudder in horror at what a fevered imagination might envisage as the arcane rituals involved. As any schoolboy knows curry does not grow in England and must be imported from countries where ancient customs to horrific to detail here are rife.
Rumour has it that chief amongst the perpetrators of the ‘curry ritual’ was one Lee Sabre while it would be a safe bet to assume that he would have been assisted by a particular breed of hairy chested macho types, such as KT Tomthumb, and Marie O’Liver.
There can also be little doubt that people with names like Keith, Roger, Andrew, Peter, Kelvin, Simon, Kathy, Sharlie, and Tony would have been tucking into the end product.
Stories of a crash in an ensuing race for ‘British Sports Cars’ would indicate that the effect of consuming the brew had adverse affects on some of the concentration levels of those who partook of the feast.
It is probable that a Public Enquiry will be need to investigate the sordid details of this disgraceful, so called ‘curry nosh’, and we await news of some prominent person to be appointed to head a committee to probe deeply into the events on Anglesey. I believe that certain names already being bandied about: Chilcott, Cameron, Corbyn to name but a few.
Was there a winner? Will a result ever be declared? Might there be a 2017 Curry Competition?
Do we care?
The author accepts no responsibility for anything contained in this exposition of the facts as completely unknown.
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