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Photographs from America

Posted: Thu Oct 23, 2014 12:54 pm
by Mary Lindsay
Louis Galanos in America has kindly sent me those two photographs taken at a car show in Florida.


1947 Morgan F Super 3 Wheeler.
This car has undergone a total restoration to exact 1947 factory specifications.

1938 Morgan Pre-Production Prototype
Louis says: " This was a prototype for a subsequent Morgan model and contains the Drop Head Coupe. As a prototype there were no real specs, however this car started as a Morgan 2 Seater Roadster before the custom body and interior were created. It resembles the donor car, the Roadster, from the front, however the rest of the car differs from the roadster and even the subsequent production DHCs. The rear of the car was not put into production, the interior/dash was redesigned, the louvers on the bonnet were removed."