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Silverstone Classic Success

PostPosted: Wed Aug 02, 2017 8:22 am
by John Clarke
The beautiful Le Mans Cars: Photo By Simon

Leigh and Simon were competing last weekend in their Series 1 Le Mans Morgans in the Kidston Trophy at the Silverstone Classic.

Placed in the under 1500cc class they were up against an Aston Martin Ulster and Riley Kestrel.

The race was interrupted by Richard Pilkington's horrible accident. You can read about it here

Simon took the opportunity to pit under the yellows to handover to Phil (St Clair Tisdall) jumping the Aston. The Riley was long gone.

They finished in that order 1.Riley 2.Morgan (SImon/Phil) 3. Morgan (Leigh/Peter Cole) 4.Aston Martin



Perhaps that is why the Le Mans Morgan was built with no doors?