Phillip island historic festival

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Phillip island historic festival

Postby John Clarke » Sat Mar 10, 2018 8:01 am

After 3,500 km (about 2,200 miles) driving across Australia, Sarah and I arrived at Phillip Island to attend the historic festival. En route we drove across the Nullabor dessert with it's 90 mile straight so not much chance for arm flailing here! We consumed nil oil, nil water but countless gallons of 98 octane and 8 muesli bars. The journey took 6 days running 7 or 8 hours a day.

The festival is very much like Silverstone classic except that the main straight ends up in Southern ocean and the penguin colony. The setting and views are stunning as I'm sure the Moto GP fans recognise.

As for the racing....very eclectic....a lot of American muscle, Aussie muscle and British and German sports cars. My personal favourites were the GSM Delta, and the Formula 5000s......but no Morgan's!

Against everyone's advice, we undertook our latest epic adventure in a 10 year old Alfa! Mad I know but then again why not and no way in a Morgan?

Next stop, Albert Park for hammer time.....but he will have to beat the Alfa/Ferrari/ Sauber....will the Alfa's make it??

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Re: Phillip island historic festival

Postby SimonScott » Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:15 pm

Have fun in Melbourne. We travelled over from the UK for the GP last year and then drove round the coast to Sydney, stopping at Philip Island on the way. So we missed the historic festival sadly. Another time maybe. No long straight roads on our road-trip...although we did have to get pulled out of a deep muddy hole in the road... long story! But keep your eyes skinned for the illustrious Mr Keith Ahlers in Melbourne. Stretching our legs before the GP start last year, watching the aircraft displays, I spotted Keith behind the first corner grandstands and chatted away for a few minutes. Apparently he is a regular...
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