VSCC 6-hour Snetterton - ALL entries welcome

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VSCC 6-hour Snetterton - ALL entries welcome

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Open to any sports-cars, subject to the best time of 1min30 on the 200.
Rather like the old style Birkett.
Hurry up 'cos the grid is filing fast.

This 6 Hour relay race will take place on the Snetterton 200 Circuit and be open to sports-cars of any era which have a fastest possible lap time no better than about 1 minute 30 on the 200 circuit, or equivalent.

Race start will be behind a Safety Car

Maximum of 28 Teams

Race run to Handicap Format

Winners both on Scratch and Handicap

Entry Fee £1770 per team


£295 per driver (based on a team of 6)

Details, online entry and downloadable entry form: (online entry available to VSCC members, the rest of you will have to fill in the form :P)

https://www.vscc.co.uk/events/event/136 ... snetterton
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