Weber 42DCOE8 Brand new matched pair

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Weber 42DCOE8 Brand new matched pair

Postby bambina » Tue Jun 12, 2018 1:29 pm

Hi everyone,
My name is Alf Zambuto,I live on the other side of the world in New Zealand & have a brand new pair of 42 DCOE8 for sale,I listed them on Hemmings ... 14809.html
If someone is interested please have a look & then contact me before doing anything.
I know US$3500 is a fair chunk of money but I challenge anyone to find another new pair.
Anyway there is a story behind these carbs,a good friend of mine owns them but I have known about them for over 30 years,I was an apprentice mechanic in the early 80s at a Triumph workshop,a friend of mine’s brother owned a Triumph TR4A which was getting a little tired,he had seen that twin 42s were fitted to Triumphs & Morgans in the UK & thought it was time to freshen up the motor & add some extra BHP.
He went off to the local Weber agents in Auckland & bought a pair of webers,the last pair they had.He then tried to get a manifold & cam from the UK which for one reason or another never happened,eventually the car was sold as it was.
The carbs were stored at home in his wardrobe,& there it sat for the next 30 years,7-8 years ago his mother died ,she lived in the same house all that time so my friend & his brother were cleaning out the house where he came across these carbs again still in the wardrobe.
He put them up for sale, by coincidence another friend of mine calls me that is restoring a Fiat 131R,he told he had seen a pair of 42s for sale you might know him,well off we went & the deal was done.
Well the Fiat is nearly ready to go so the carbs came up again & I really thought it would be a shame to fit them since they are so rare & should be on something in keeping,42s are marginal anyway for the horsepower so we made the executive decision to fit 45s & put these up for sale hoping someone may be looking for a pair to finish off their project.
Since I’m the one that has an Ebay account I was asked to sell them,but it turned out I wasn’t allowed to sell them anyway since I don’t have a selling history so this is why I have ended up here.
So if anyone wants more info just let me know
Ps it has 34 chokes
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Re: Weber 42DCOE8 Brand new matched pair

Postby machiel kalf » Sat Jun 23, 2018 8:07 am

Hallo Alf,

It's good to read that you offer those 42's. I see that you aware of the price they pay for a rare/ original set like this. Maybe it is an idea to offer them for sale in the monthly Morgan Historic Register news. See the monthly issues of Miscellany.

Let me know your thoughts!

Take care with this beautiful set!

Machiel Kalf
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