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1959 Plus 4 - For Sale

Posted: Tue Aug 30, 2016 8:06 pm
by Tony Quinn
Too many Morgans, so I am selling my 1959 Plus 4, YOM 798, TR3 engine and Moss gearbox. It was rallied from new with several successes (1959-1963) including being part of the Morgan Motor Company team in the 1959 RAC Rally along with Peter Morgan in the works Plus 4 TUY875. Should anyone be interested, please see Brightwells auction web site at ... catalogue/

where there is a detailed description. or please PM me or call 07766610121 if you would like any further info or would like to view/test ride it prior to the auction. My location is North Somerset, just south of Bristol.

Tony Quinn

Re: 1959 Plus 4 - For Sale YOM 798

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2020 5:24 pm
by Mark Brittain
Hello Tony.

Not sure if this will reach you after so many years since you put YOM 798 on the market but we will see.

When moving house recently I discovered some photos of YOM 798 and out of curiosity I idly Googled the registration. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many references to such an interesting car. I acquired it in bits in 1967 as a 21st birthday present, and put it back together, hardly a rebuild, to use as everyday transport. I added one or two cosmetic improvements, such as that air intake I see was described somewhere but I now can't mention of it. It was a nice car, quite quick as I remember, and I had a lot of fun in it. Unfortunately I ended up wiping the gear box drain plug off when leaving the pub and the subsequent 10 miles hard driving didn't do the box much good. I needed to commute so I sold it rather than sourcing a rebuild or a replacement. I wish I had it now.

I know a little of the history immediately prior to my ownership and I would be happy to pass this on with any photos to the current owner, if you know them or how they can be contacted.

Best wishes

Mark Brittain

Re: 1959 Plus 4 - For Sale

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 10:40 am
by Tony Quinn
Hello Mark

Well you have filled a missing link in the history of YOM 798. I bought it from a dealer in USA and repatriated it. The tax disc showed it was last taxed in the mid 1970s when it was probably exported. I did a fair bit of work to it and had it running nicely. The difficult decision was whether to leave it as it was or do a full rebuild with new chassis and steel bulkhead and thus lose quite a lot of the car's history. It had been repainted yellow too which was a shame as it had been red originally. Apologies if it was you who painted it yellow. That compounded the difficult decision making as just having a respray without doing the other work seemed pointless. Amazingly it had its original engine which had been taken out to TR4 spec with 86mm liners and a later 4A head. Your tale accounts for the fact that it did not have its original gearbox.

I will pass on your details to the new owner and also to the Morgan historian Jake Alderson who was very helpful in providing me with period rallying photos of YOM. I would hope that they will be in touch with you. The internet and this forum are a great resource. Many thanks to Mary for keeping it running.

All the best,


Re: 1959 Plus 4 - For Sale

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 11:16 am
by Mary Lindsay
The internet and this forum are a great resource. Many thanks to Mary for keeping it running.
Hi Tony, I am pleased to find someone else who values the forum, it provides a great way to share information.

I cannot take credit for keeping it running, thanks are due instead to Chris Acklam who now lives in France and no longer has a Morgan. He started the forum many years ago and we are much indebted to him for continuing to host and maintain it. As fewer people seem to post I thought I would try to establish if those who simply observe from the sidelines do indeed value it. From recent comments it is obvious that many people do value it even if they don't post on the forum.