original LUCAS ignition parts

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original LUCAS ignition parts

Postby machiel kalf » Mon Mar 06, 2017 10:24 am

Dear Morgan friends, espcially the proper +4 owners,

During the Auto Jumble at Beaulieu in May and September you can find a stand that sells parts for Morris Minor owners. The gentleman in charge is Bryan Gostling. The iginition system on the TR-engines is exacly the same as on the Morris Minor. Very interesting is ( I think) that at this "address" you can buy original LUCAS parts for the ignition. Including the original distributor caps, with the LUCAS text on it. All the parts still in original LUCAS boxes. Maybe you prefer the parts in the green boxes, but this is the real stuff. Before you go, be sure that you have the original distributor fitted. Make some photos, So, you can show Bryan where you are talking about. Don't worry, he knows everything about this stuff.

Success, Machiel.
machiel kalf
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