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Moss Box Parts

Postby Tony Quinn » Sun Oct 28, 2018 10:51 pm

Having sold my Moss Box Plus 4 I have a few parts left. They are:

Elektron bell housing in good usable condition. £200

Jaguar type Moss gearbox. This is the M gearbox so has the short mainshaft which is interchangeable with the Morgan type. It has the high ratio gear set including the small input gear which can be detached from the Jaguar input shaft. I was intending to use the gears from this box to replace the low ratio set in my 1954 Plus 4, but never got around to it. The gearbox is complete and in good condition with all bearings etc, but not tried. I paid £500 and that's all I want for it. I have a few other Moss gears which I'll happily include for no extra charge.

Propshaft (from gearbox to rear axle). This is in good condition. £30.

Pair of 1 3/4" SU H6 carbs. These are pretty grubby and will need the usual rebuild kit. Without looking at them I'm not sure of the condition of the spindles in the carb bodies, but will do so if anyone is interested. They seem to sell on eBay in apparently good condition for about £250 so I think £100 is pretty fair.

Derrington inlet manifold for high port TR head. Came from a successful ex-rally Plus 4. £100

Most parts should be able to be sent by courier except the gearbox. I will get quotes if there is any interest. I live in the Bristol area but occasionally travel to Ashbourne occasionally so we may be able to arrange meeting up somewhere.

Anyway, if anyone is interested please PM me. Thanks,

Tony Quinn
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