Wanted +8 alloys and DHC parts

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Robert West
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Wanted +8 alloys and DHC parts

Post by Robert West »

Wanted a set of early Plus 8 alloy wheels. 15" x 5.5J. I have a set of the Millrace 14" 6J wheels. I also want parts for a DHC, particularly the side window frame, hood frame and chrome trim. I'm in Lincolnshire UK
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Morgan Class B
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Re: Wanted +8 alloys and DHC parts

Post by TonyLees »

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Andy Downes
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Re: Wanted +8 alloys and DHC parts

Post by Andy Downes »

Hello Robert,

Are these any help ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233688764883 ... 3688764883

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Morgan Class E
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Re: Wanted +8 alloys and DHC parts


Hi Robert
I have a set of original early Plus 8 wheels for sale which were used from 1968/1976..
If you are still looking send me a private message.
machiel kalf
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Re: Wanted +8 alloys and DHC parts

Post by machiel kalf »

Hallo Robert,

Sorry, I don't have the DHC parts you are looking for. But I know someone in Holland who is looking for some parts you are looking for as well.
He has a contact person in the UK who has the same problem. The person in the UK is working on a solution and thinks he can make the parts.
But the process goes very slow.......
The person in Holland is Lukas Dijck. I don't know the name and address of the person in the UK, but Lukas knows it. Maybe, if you work together you achieve something.
Lukas his Email address is: dhcmorgan@inter.nl.net He is happy to hear from you.

Best regards, Machiel Kalf
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