1969 Plus 8 356AK92

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Re: 1969 Plus 8 356AK92

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Thank you for that information Jean Christophe, very interesting that Chris Lawrence tuned it.
When do you think the plastic moulded wings and bonnet were fitted? Were they from David Rutherford or were they made in France as a one-off?
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Re: 1969 Plus 8 356AK92

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They were made by David Rutherford . I found a photo of the car when stored at Peugeot design center !!!.
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Re: 1969 Plus 8 356AK92


Hi Jean Christophe,

Thanks for your post and photo on the TDF Morgan Plus 8 chassis number R7038 which I found most interesting.

Glad to hear that the car has survived the years and been fully rebuilt. I’m now guessing the reason for the car being given a UK registration number (XAB 439G) prior to its export to France was to enable it to be driven to Chris Lawrence’s work shop in London for race rally preparations etc. Would it be possible for you to contact the current owner to see if he has any period paper work relating to what Chris Lawrence did to the car and any period photographs especially the engine bay as this would help enormously with our FIA papers in the hope that we can prove the period modifications and the fact that the car ran with this specification at an international event. I have seen many photographs of the car on the TDF and it’s a car that I would like to know more about.

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